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What is hot roots on a frontal and how can we avoid them?

Hot roots on frontals or lace closures is a NO NO.

Heres how it looks versus the way its supposed to look:

To the left is what could happen if you do not have the correct consistency and technique to bleaching your knots .
To the right is a correction to the hoot roots that more than likely involved coloring the hair back to the natural color and toning the brassy orange to a neutral color. 
A quick tip to avoid these brassy, over processed roots would be to use salon grade bleach like Redken Flash Lift and matching developer to create a bleach paste that can easily be applied to the lace without bleeding though.
In SR Beauty Academy, we teach how to correctly bleach your knots. 
A ratio I like to use when bleaching is 2 scoops of bleach to 1 scoop of developer.
You want to make sure the bleach is thick and not watery when applying to the lace so it does not color the hair but the knots only. 
Stay tuned and let me know if this was helpful in the comments!

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