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Want to get a medical wig? Here's how:


Contact your insurance to see if your benefits cover wigs for hair loss.
If they do: 
Step 1: Find out how much they cover and how many wigs per year. 
Step 2: Contact your doctor or dermatologist and ask them for a diagnosis for cranial prosthesis.
Step 3: Book a consultation with Shadae Renee and get the process started.
You will be able to purchase a wig and get reimbursed by your insurance company. We are an out of network provider so we accept all insurances except medicaid.
If they don't: 
Step : Wait until your open enrollment period and buy into these benefits to your insurance plan. 
Step 2:  Wait until the benefits are added in order for your insurance to cover the medical wig.
You can still purchase a wig but your insurance will not cover it.
Also please note that Medicaid is NOT covered. 
Additional Information + FAQs
Who is eligible?
If you have experienced hair loss due to medical issue or accidents like braids pulling hair out causing alopecia, cancer or chemo, lupus, thyroid etc you may be eligible. But you still need to check with your insurance to be sure you are buying into those benefits!
If you had a hair experience and it took your edges out and your doctor said your hair may not ever grow back due to alopecia you may be eligible for a wig.  Alopecia and hair loss is exactly what we cover as Cranial Prosthesis Specialist.  You still need to contact your insurance to be sure your benefits cover cpt code a9282.
Will my insurance cover a wig?
If approved, will my unit be fully covered?
What documentation should I have?

Need more help? Shadae Beauty is happy to help you submit your claim with your insurance company.


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